To Do List

This page will serve as a "suggestion box" or "to do list" for the wiki. Please include as much information as possible to facilitate improving the information content/usefulness of the individual matrix information pages. Rate the suggestion in importance from 1 (low) to 5 (high), and try to estimate the amount of effort required.

Minor Effort Required
Turn reference DOIs into live links, IMPORTANCE= 2
Information on the use of digital object identifier (DOI) can be found at

Medium Effort Required
Collect positive and negative ion MALDI spectrum of each matrix, IMPORTANCE= 4
Spectra have been collected, converted and posted.
All MA and ML's have positive and negative spectra posted for 355nm obtained either on Autoflex III or Ultraflex TOF-TOF

Major Effort Required
Collect fluorescence excitation and emission spectra of both liquid and solid state matrix sample, IMPORTANCE= 3
Fl in ACN have been collected for all matrices. Need to be converted and posted. Emission, 337 and 355 excitation, and absorbance maxima excitation spectra were obtained for each MA and ML.

Adding solubility data for commonly used solvents may be useful.